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We are thrilled you want to volunteer with us. Our volunteers are the backbone of our rescue. We can't wait to introduce you to our organization and the team that makes it all happen. Please take a few minutes to read through the website. Learn our foster and adoption processes (no quizzes...we promise), and read the stories of the cats whose lives have been changed through Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County. When you're ready, please fill out our VOLUNTEER APPLICATION!

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pick from multiple Volunteer opportunities below

As an adoptions greeter or counselor you’ll be the front lines for events, welcoming shelter visitors, learning about them and what they’re looking for, introducing them to our cats and when the fit is right finalizing applications and contracts to send our feline friends off to their forever families!

Duties: Welcome visitors and assist through the adoption process, generally by appointment (Wednesday evenings -and- Saturday afternoons) MUST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE


Extroverts wanted! Being part of our Outreach Team is perfect for the person who loves cats and people! This is the team you will meet at various functions and events throughout the County raising public awareness of animal welfare and the AWLMC. They highlight our Spay/Neuter, Chompers Pet Food Bank, and volunteer programs!

Duties: Communications, attending public events. (May be done remotely, at shelter, or offsite location)


This team is responsible for searching far and wide to find cats to bring into the AWLMC house. These folks work with the public who may need to surrender an animal they cannot care for as well as other local shelter and rescue organizations who need to make space in their facilities. It’s a challenging job but all the more rewarding to see a cat you helped bring in go back out to a forever home!


Our low cost Spay & Neuter program is awesome for the community and helps prevent unwanted animals who would end up on the street or in shelters, but it’s a lot of work in the background! This team reviews applications, works with pet guardians and vet offices to make arrangements, and follows up with our board treasurer to make sure the dollars and cents are on budget.

Duties: Process applications on the computer, monitor email and voicemail. (Done Remotely)

Web and Technology Support

We try to keep the cats off the internet but the house still needs a few folks around to tend to the technology. This team helps keep the network flowing, the email flying, and our computers purring.

Virtual Volunteering

Not able to come to the house in person but still interested in helping? Donations are great and we’ve got a number of volunteer jobs that can be done from home like writing kittiographies and acknowledgements for donors or keeping our social media relevant.

Shelter Placement

We want our cats to shine and having the perfect roommate always brings out their best! To help find the best spot for them in our house, the Shelter Placement Team studies their personalities, uses information from the cat’s foster and notes from the Intake Team, then observes the placement to make sure it’s a success.

FACT (Financial Accounting Committee Team)

All organizations, households, companies, or non-profits have one thing in common-the need to know their financial situation and pay bills! Our team works behind-the-scenes and assures that our vets are paid along with the utilities and rent. We also work with our external CPA firm to complete our annual tax return and to review our financial records. Current financial information is posted on Charity Navigator and GuideStar.

Hangout with cats, what a great gig! Our Enrichment Teams spend time with our feline residents to help socialize them. They groom and play with the cats, assess personalities and behavior along with their interactions with other cats. Team members also handle them for health checks, documenting their observations to share with adoption counselors and other volunteers.

Duties: Socialize, groom and play with cats at shelter (Shifts available most days; please choose one or more shifts)

Cat Crew

No one will ever be happier to see you than a hungry cat at mealtime! Our Cat Crew Teams not only feed our cats, they provide daily care such as scooping litter boxes, giving medication when prescribed by a vet, and making note of changes in our cats. These teams are hands-on with our cats and are the beneficiaries of purrs, head bumps, and lots of love. If you love cats you will love being on Cat Crew, no experience needed!

Duties: Feeding, scooping litter, and interacting with cats (Choice of morning and early evening shifts)


The Communications Team promotes awareness of AWLMC in the community and online. Primarily using social media, we publicize AWLMC activities and events along with promoting our wonderful cats.


Volunteering with Chompers Pet Food Bank is a great way to help both animals and people! It requires a commitment of only a few hours, one weekend per month. People of all ages and abilities can contribute by sorting donations, assisting with the distribution, picking up donations and conducting food drives.

Duties: Sort and catalogue donations, assist with distribution of food. (Primarily done at the shelter on specific days)

Cat Health

Cat Health, non-veterinary volunteers, monitor our cats to insure they are healthy. They review notes and issues our crew teams notice, and partner with local vets who provide excellent care when medical issues arise. We want our cats to be healthy during their stay with us and to be in the best of health when they head to their forever homes.

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