Spay/Neuter Program

At Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County our Mission is to improve animal welfare in Montgomery County, Maryland by operating a no-kill shelter for adoptable cats and promoting responsible pet ownership. To promote responsible pet ownership, we work with local veterinary practices to provide spay/neuter services to eligible cat and dog owners in Montgomery County. Sterilization helps prevent unwanted litters of animals that may otherwise end up homeless.


For a limited time AWLMC will pay for the cost of the surgery.

While this Special Spay/Neuter Program is in effect, AWLMC will pay for the cost of surgeries for cats made possible by a generous donation in honor of Paul S. Teitelbaum. Mr. Teitelbaum was a cat lover and spent a lot of his time helping cats find homes.

AWLMC will also pay for the cost of surgeries for dogs made possible by donations from many pet lovers who have given generously to support AWLMC’s mission to help pets and their owners in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Spay/Neuter Application