I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Yogi

We're happy to tell you that Yogi has a new furever home.
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I am Yogi, a 3 year old male white cat with some black splotches on my coat, so I don’t even resemble the famous Yogi Bear.  I also don’t play baseball like Yogi Berra.  But I do stretch and flex in unusual poses like yoga practitioners do, so I am Yogi – please come see me strut my stuff! I am very social and outgoing – I will tell you that it is time to pet me and give me attention by meowing, head butting you or rubbing up against you.  I like head, cheek, and back scratching and will follow you around the house, asking for affection.  However, when I am getting ready to loaf around and settle down for a nap, I do not appreciate anyone’s attention.  Nothing personal there.  Just that I like solo down time getting “in the zone” for my coming nap.

My primary entertainment is you, but I also like to watch outdoor TV from a nice window perch.  I’ll occasionally play with cat toys, but you are my main focus.  I think I would like a home with a cat-savvy adult who is really into yogi – I mean yoga, of course, and who will appreciate my longing for your attention.  I don’t get along well with younger humans; older kids and adults are more my speed.

 Let’s practice yogi(a) together! Come see me soon.