I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Thaddeus

We're happy to tell you that Thaddeus has a new furever home.
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Look closely, are you seeing double? Nope, you are seeing two, count it, two handsome one-and-a-half-year-old white and black tuxedos, all dapper and ready for a home! I’m Thaddeus, and my brother is Thelonious. We had a home but our human brother became allergic to us so here we are, ready for the next phase of life. Besides being handsome, we are both very soft, easy to handle and purr machines. You can tell us apart by a thin, white mustache I have on the right side of my face. Tell us more, you say? Well, I’ve been called a fearless explorer who insisted on making myself at home at my foster mom’s from the beginning and venturing out into all of my new kingdom. I am very curious and smart—and to keep things fun, I am a little bit of an escape artist in that I get through any nook and cranny I can find. Other cats, dogs and humans are great too, the more the merrier! While not a lap cat yet, I love sleeping right next to my human. I love playtime with my brother and all sorts of toys, feathers, mice and the laser. My brother Thelonious is just as amazing as me but more of a gentle soul and a little more cautious, and he doesn’t have a mustache like mine. He doesn’t explore as much but if you come into his territory, he'll shower you with his affections. He's a little more shy but very good with other animals too. A little secret to making him come out of his shell is a laser toy! Boy, is he obsessed and he forgets his shyness when you bring a laser toy out, jumping and running all over the place to catch that little light. Once we are all tuckered out, you’ll see us curled up together for a snooze. Come see us today, we promise to be double the fun!