I'm ready for my new family!

Hi! My Name Is Sunny

I'm Available
Bonded With: Darko

Hello – I am Sunny and I am one half of a bonded pair of five year old DSH kitties who are looking for a new home. Our person is moving overseas and cannot take us. I am the female half.  Darko is the male half.  We have lived together since we were around 3 months old.  We are missing our familiar world but have found out that we can adjust to a new world too – we are tough cats!

I am a white, gray and  black (not yellow!) tabby with cute white markings on my face and a white tip on my tail.  I like playing with wand toys and small toy mice too.  I am not a fan of red laser dots but Darko goes crazy for them.  I don’t understand that.    I also like lounging in the cat tree in the window, watching cat TV.  If I get nervous, I crawl under the quilt on the bed, not realizing that a big lump in the bed is pretty obvious.

I will sleep on your bed and will make noises in the morning, insisting on my morning petting session.  This  reminds you that breakfast should be served soon.  I do like my food – I have to maintain my 12#+ beautiful body, you know.

We are anxious to find our new digs and get settled in.  We may be tough kitties, but we are homebodies at heart.  Please come see us.

  • Domestic Short Hair & Calico
  • Female
  • Youth (12 - 83 Months)My DoB is 05/25/2019 (Estimated)
  • Dilute Calico
  • Social & Friendly
  • No
  • Not Tested With Kids
  • Not Tested With Cats
  • Not Tested With Dogs
  • I'm Litterbox Trained
  • $ 75.00
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