I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Snugglesworth

We're happy to tell you that Snugglesworth has a new furever home.
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Hi! I’m Snugglesworth, a three-year-old orange tabby girl, but you can call me Snuggy for short. Can’t tell you too much about my previous life except that someone saw me on their patio for a few days and called the Humane Rescue Alliance to come get me out of the cold. I didn’t have a microchip, and nobody claimed me, so AWLMC decided to help me find a new home. That’s where you come in! As you can tell from my name, I am very affectionate. I will be your best buddy, tagging along from room to room, hanging close by while you work or play and sleeping quietly right next to you all night long. I will also lounge on your lap -- but only when it is my idea! Call me a curious cat. I enjoy meeting new people, even the little bitty ones don’t scare me. I love to explore every snug corner of your rooms, closets, and drawers. Do you like to play? I am young, athletic and can’t resist a wiggly string. My exuberant attacks on fluffy toys will delight and entertain both you and me. You can tell me to respectfully stay off counters and tables. Give me a scratching post and your furniture will remain intact. I’m mostly silent but do like to chat with you from time to time. You will adore me, Snugglesworth, a most affectionate, well-mannered feminine feline friend. Can’t wait to meet you!