I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Smokey

We're happy to tell you that Smokey has a new furever home.
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I’m Smokey, an all-black boy with brilliant gold eyes. You wouldn’t guess that I’m seven years old; I still have the energy and agility of a kitten. I’m quite an acrobat, and heights don’t faze me. If you’d enjoy watching a cat leap onto a tall bookcase and then walk a curtain rod like a tightrope to another bookcase on the opposite side of the room, I’m your guy! (But you might want to hide your china heirlooms!) When I’m not treating you to a private circus act, I love playing with anything that moves. Toys on strings are great, especially with a person on the other end. I lived with another cat in my foster home, and we got along fine, chasing each other around the house and playing vigorously, like lion cubs. I love to follow people around and keep track of what they’re doing—and maybe persuade them to stop and pet me once in a while. I tend to get bored if I’m alone for too long, although if all else fails I’ll find something interesting to watch through the window. Once I get comfortable with you, I’ll spend a lot of time settled on your lap, purring and keeping you company. If you’ve been wondering whether you’d prefer an active, playful cat or a sweet affectionate one, I’m the whole package!