I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Skyler

We're happy to tell you that Skyler has a new furever home.
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Hello, I’m Skyler, a two-year-old black fluffy cat with a charming white spot on my chest. My life started off a bit uncertain, as I was found as an abandoned kitten. Eventually a loving family welcomed me into their home. It was a joyful time, filled with laughter and affection. However, the children turned out to have allergies and the family made the heartbreaking choice to find me a new home.

I might be skittish at first, but really I'm a curious little fellow, always intrigued by what you're doing. Whether it's folding clothes or reading a good book, I want to be where the action is. My foster family says I love playing more than sleep! But when you want to relax, I'll snuggle up against your leg and drift off. In my previous home, I loved petting and being held like a baby. It might take me a while to get that comfortable because at my foster home I only tolerated petting and didn’t like being picked up at all.

I have a gentle, soft meow when I'm riding in the car, but otherwise, I'm a quiet feline, unless I'm hungry, of course. I find great pleasure in rubbing against the corner of a door frame, displaying my "oooh, this feels so good" expression. My adorable way of curling up melts hearts, and since I'm mostly black, it's hard to tell where the curling begins and ends.

I yearn for a loving home where I can fully realize my feline happiness and share it with my new family. Will you be the one to offer me that gentle, loving home?