I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Rogue

We're happy to tell you that Rogue has a new furever home.
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Hi there! I’m Rogue, an all-black boy cat, not quite a year old. Named for the shadow dragon slayer of the “Fairy Tail” cartoon, I haven’t slain any dragons yet, but my name fits because of the enthusiastic silliness that tells you I’ve “gone rogue” for a few minutes. My person went off to college, and at first I wanted to tag along. But since I already have advanced degrees in various cat behaviors, we decided I should put my skills to work in a new home.
I’m an affection sponge, very happy cuddling up on your lap, close beside you on the couch, or in bed. I love playing, too, with my favorite toy mouse or any other kind of toy. I like to keep tabs on my person, so you can expect me to follow you around to find out what you’re up to and whether you need help. If you’re busy, I’ll entertain myself by running around the house at top speed or lounging on a windowsill. I can get comfortable absolutely anywhere: on plastic, paper, and book bags, for example.
I’m an expressive communicator, meowing or emitting tuneful little cat trills when I want affection or food. If you call my name, I might roll around on the ground in front of you. If you forget to call my name, I might leap in the air to remind you I’m there. I like drinking from faucets and have taken baths with no fuss, walking around in the tub and patting the water. I’ve had a good time living with other playful cats before; I can be a bit overwhelming for a quiet cat who prefers solitude.
My dream forever home is one where I can spend my days cuddling and playing with people. If that sounds like your home, then let’s get acquainted!