I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Nobel

We're happy to tell you that Nobel has a new furever home.
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Looking for a mini black panther who is a ball of energy and affectionThen you won’t be able to resist me, Nobel, one-year-old boy with many kitten-like manners.  Manners such as jumping in and out of boxes (someone must help with all of those Amazon deliveries)getting the occasional zoomies and chasing things nobody else sees, playing until I am tuckered out and lastly asking for snuggles and cuddles with my cute meows.  I have no shame demanding pets, being picked up and held and I am even ok with manicures, especially when I am sleepy.  Toys have no chance against me, especially when I get in my predator pose then pounce when those toys are least expecting itI am super active and love chasing anything, including wand and feather toys, laser pointers, balls and mouse toys.   

I love even more being around my humans and will follow you from room to room. While next to you on the couch snoozing, I’ll keep a paw on you or lamy head on your hand.  Working from home?  I am a perfect supervisor, laying next to or on your keyboard/mouse/arm, whatever you are paying attention to at the timeI can never get enough petting and I like to rest on fuzzy blankets or large stuffed animal, sometimes I even suckle and knead on them.  

Because I am still an adult cat in training, I am slowly learning to sharpen my claws on the right things, like scratching posts instead of furniture, can you be patient and continue teaching me

I would love to be part of a busy home where I get lots of attention and play time. Another young kitty who likes to play would be ideal.  I promise I will give you lots of love and play in return.