I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Night

We're happy to tell you that Night has a new furever home.
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Hi, there! I’m Night, a tiny one-year-old boy. “Tiny?” you might say when you first see me. “That cat doesn’t look tiny to me; I wonder if I can even lift him!” But that’s just my disguise—a whole lot of fur that makes me look much bigger than I am. And my fur is not all black, as you might expect to see on a cat named Night, but black plus the many shades of gray that come out under moonlight. I lived in the same home from kittenhood up until one of the family members developed an allergy to me. So I’m waiting for a new home and a new person (or people) to love.

I’m shy when I meet new people and might spend my first few days in a new environment hiding under the furniture. But when I get brave enough to come out, you’ll find that I’m an extremely affectionate kitty who loves being petted, held, and brushed. It’s a good thing I like brushing, with all this fur! When you’re not around, I’m content to sit on a comfy perch and watch the world go by. Playing is something I haven’t had much interest in, but maybe nobody has found the right toy yet.  I’ve lived with men, women, gentle kids, and other cats with no problem. If you have room for a quiet, sweet cat in your home, I just might be the one.