I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Kittyboo

We're happy to tell you that Kittyboo has a new furever home.
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My name is KittyBoo (sometimes shortened to KB).  The first thing you notice about me are my huge green (or are they yellow?) eyes with what looks like black eyeliner.  Then you see my thick white coat with splotches of tabby stripes.  I’m told that I’m gorgeous - and truth be know, I am!  I am a seven-year-old lady who is looking for a new home because my previous humans were moving and couldn’t take me with them.  Although I once had a bout with a urinary tract infection and bladder stones (ouch!), I am now on a special diet to make sure I do not have any issues again, and it is clearly working.  I am now healthy and happy - and ready to become your special cat.

I am looking for a quiet home, I think.  I can startle easily and may hide in new situations, but as I get more comfortable, I come out and seek attention.  I love treats – my foster mom used my kibble dry food – and I would take them from her hand or chase after them when she tossed them my way.  She was trying to teach me to stand on my hind legs for treats and so I did humor her.  She thought I was so cute when I stood up.  Me? I just wanted that treat!

I have learned that laps are wonderful!  When it's quiet and someone sits on the little couch, I am happy to join them on their lap and settle in for a nice visit.  Petting is appreciated and I will reward you with purring.  At bedtime, I will jump up on the bed and settle myself on your chest for extended periods of total head rubs (I'm addicted) and petting before settling in to spend most of my night on the bed.

I  also have become quite fond of playing with wand toys, especially the feather wand and I really like rubbing my chin on one of the self grooming brushes that is attached to the corner of a wall.

Clearly, I need more total head rubs – and would love to get them from you!  Please come by AWLMC and see if you agree.  If we hit it off, let’s go home together.