I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Benito

We're happy to tell you that Benito has a new furever home.
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Hi! This is Benito! I only write with exclamation marks because I'm super full of energy! I am fearless and love a good wrestling match! I always start them! I haven't met a toy that I don't love! I love running, jumping, and investigating any and everything! And when I slow down for a moment, I love cuddling with humans! Right up against you and as close to your face as I can get! I'll reward you with super loud purrs! I don't do anything halfway, 100% is the only way to go!

So, you'll want to adopt me with either one of my siblings or another super active kitten or young cat! I need to have those wrestling matches! 

Okay, let me have a brief quiet moment so that I can strongly recommend that you go fill out an adoption application. (See no exclamation mark, this is a brief quiet moment.) Back to being non-stop me! If you want lots of entertainment and super serious cuddling and purring, complete that application and we'll hopefully be having non-stop fun and loving together!!