I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Haru

We're happy to tell you that Haru has a new furever home.
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I’m Haru (“Huh-Roo”) a two-year-old boy; my name means “day” in Korean and “Spring” in Japanese, so it fits my bright orange tabby coloring. My people are devoted to me, but they’re moving halfway around the world, and, while I’m a curious cat, I’m not curious about airports or quarantines. What I am is affectionate, acrobatic, and quite the conversationalist.

I love napping in a human lap and getting lots of pets. I’ll lie on my back and rub my own face with my paw to remind you of how it’s done. Call me and I’ll reply with a high-pitched meow and then come running to wrap myself around your legs. If you’re interested, we can engage in a back- and-forth conversation; you say my name repeatedly and I’ll answer each time with a chirpy meow.

I’m one of those rare cats who loves a good game of “fetch;” if I’m at your feet with a crunchy fabric mouse, looking at you expectantly, it’s because I want you to throw it. If you don’t pick it up quickly enough, I’ll give a long meow to get your attention. Other toys are great, too: I’ll launch myself two feet into the air in pursuit of a feather wand, and I love a good laser toy game, so much that I make a chattering sound as I chase the pointer. I’m willing to share my toys, so a friendly, playful kitty companion might be fun but isn’t necessary if the human(s) can give me lots of attention. I can hardly wait to meet my new family and get my new life underway!