I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Gaston

We're happy to tell you that Gaston has a new furever home.
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Personality/History: Gaston is a 2 YO Maine Coon/Tortoiseshell, DMH who is being surrendered with his 4 YO Sister Viviette.  Their family includes a toddler who has developed an allergy to them, the wife is 35+ weeks pregnant and they are planning to move overseas later this summer.  So the family felt it was a good time for Viviette and Gaston to find a new home.  Gaston was named for (you guessed it) the Disney character in Beauty and the Beast!  Gaston is described as a drooling rubble cat who just loves to play,and play hard and when done he will take a solid nap!  He is curious about everything and especially what you are doing and will follow you to find out!  Nothing scares him!   He is a sweet and loves to be held and sleep in your arms, your bed on your lap. But please bring a towel cause he drools when he is happy!  As a long hair cat he needs to be brushed on a regular basis and this he likes and will sit still until the brush is full and then start again!  He, like his sister, has lived with a 2 year old and only runs when he feels the kid is chasing him. Again like his sister, treats are welcome anytime and anyplace.  He and Viviette like to play together, chasing each other and jumping up on the book cases.  Please see her attached CBT Form and some information in BUZZ.  Gaston uses the litter box on a regular basis and does enjoy a scratching post.