I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Frosty

We're happy to tell you that Frosty has a new furever home.
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Tired of all the frosty weather? Maybe what you need is a very special, furry Frosty whose mission is keeping you and me warm! That’s me, a six-year-old gray tabby girl who loves rubbing up against people for pets and
generally staying close. I used to have a home, but I guess the people decided they couldn’t take care of me, because they left me in my carrier at the shelter door. When I came out, I was confused to find myself in a new place with new people, but I adapted quickly and showed my warm and loving ways to my foster family!
I’m still just a little shy, so when I first come to your house, I’ll look for dark, enclosed hiding places, like closets. Pretty soon though, I’ll come out to explore everything in your house and chat with you, using my cute, distinctive, squeaky meow. Before you know it, I’ll be following you around looking for pets and headbutting you for more if you stop too soon. Sometimes I’ll curl up on your lap, or I may lie against you with a paw or my head on your lap. Playing is okay in small doses, but I’d much rather stretch out on the floor, a fuzzy blanket, or a horizontal scratching post. If you’re nearby, I’ll roll over and ask for a belly rub. I’d love to come and add a little warmth to your home. Let’s get acquainted and find out if I’m the cat for you!