Hi! My Name Is Donatello

This lovely soul has passed over the rainbow bridge and is with us now in our memory and in spirit. If you are looking for to share your life with a cat like Donatello, please visit our Available Cats Page

Hi there, I’m Donatello, a sweet black and white tuxedo boy, somewhere between five and seven years old. Some kind people rescued me from the cold street and took me in, and their daughter named me after a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. They can’t be my forever family, though, because pets are not allowed in their apartment.

I have some special preferences and need a little extra care because I have only 10% of my vision. I feel more secure with all four feet on the floor, so I’d rather have you join me there than try to get me onto a couch or a bed. I’ll be at my most relaxed when I’m curled up next to you on the floor, getting cheek massages, breathing deeply in total satisfaction, and licking your hand just a little. Because I’m easily startled, I appreciate a little conversation as you approach me, so I know who’s coming to pet me and can get happy instead of getting nervous. I may need a little help at mealtimes with finding my food and water and cleaning up my nose after I eat.

My favorite toy is a stuffed fish with feathers; he's also my security buddy, and I like to go to sleep hugging him. Speaking of sleep, you should know that I sometimes have bad dreams of being attacked, but this is happening less now that I’ve gotten comfortable with indoor life. Finally, I can be a bit of a night owl, walking around and around the perimeter of a room while my people sleep.

I need a patient, loving person (or people) who can provide a quiet, predictable environment without young kids or other animals. You can help me adjust to the new space by reminding me with soft touches that I’m safe in my forever home.