I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Cookie

We're happy to tell you that Cookie has a new furever home.
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An avid reader, gardener, and sous chef, Cookie is wise beyond his weeks and a delight to have underfoot. Top three favorite things for this docile adventurer include: his sister (Doe), windows, and finding-our-what-that-sound-was before curling up in the crook of your arms to nap. Cookie's luxurious, glorious "floof" is a pleasure to behold - he is incredibly soft! His white socks are worn just crooked enough to reveal his innocent nature through his confident saunter. Let him come to you and he'll be yours forever. (Bring string). Kitten self-attestation: "Sure, I'm a tiny, floofy kitten with a meek puff of a meow, but don't size me up just yet - I am smart enough to update your phone's operating system with one socked paw tied behind my little back. I will let you know when you are done petting me, which will be never. It would be super great if you had a string but my real joy is just being around you and Doe (we sure do put on a show). My sister will tell you that she is in charge. She is not. I chase birds in my sleep."