I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Abby

We're happy to tell you that Abby has a new furever home.
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Hello – I am Abby, a black and white tuxedo lady with really glossy, medium length fur that is a delight to pet according to my foster mom.  I also strut around the house with my bushy black tail straight up in the air, which amuses my foster mom to no end.  I don’t understand her amusement – when you’ve got “it,” you strut your stuff, right?  I am 6 years old and come from a very active family with one and three year old toddlers which caused me some stress and GI issues.  I have been thoroughly checked out by the vet and the verdict is that the GI issues were most likely caused by the home stress – everything was negative in my exams.  I have had no issues since moving in with my foster mom.  So it would seem that I would do best in a quieter household without children and with a human companion who doted on me.  Doesn’t that sound great?

I like for you to toss little furry mouse toys for me to bat around and to carry around in my mouth so I can leave them where you can find them to toss again.  Wands with worms and feathers are fun too.  Red dots on the floor from laser pens? Not so much.  One of my favorite places to hang out is at the very top of a tall cat tree where I can watch the world and bask in the sun.  The cat tree is even better if it has areas on it for scratching – I am an enthusiastic user of scratching posts!  Here’s a little secret – you can trim my claws with little fuss, but I still love scratching posts.  I am in training to be a lap cat but have not progressed very far.  I will let you hold me in your lap while you whisper sweet nothings in my ears but I will jump down after only a little while.  And yet, when you are lying in bed in the evening and morning, I will jump from the cat tree to the bed and walk all over you so you can pet me.  I will sit on your chest for petting and even sleep on the bed with you. Since I am a cat, I consider all these little inconsistencies as normal.  When your friends come over, I will come out to meet them and expect a few compliments on how gorgeous I am.  They might also be allowed to pet me and scratch my chin (I’m trying to make you jealous!).

So what do you say?  Will you come see me at AWLMC to determine if we can be lifetime companions?  I would love to meet you!