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Provide low cost spay neuter sterilization surgeries to cats and dogs in Montgomery County, MD. AWLMC seeks to reduce pet over-population in our community and provide spay and neuter services to Montgomery County, MD residents who own cats or dogs.

This spay neuter program is offered at a cost of $50 per cat or $100 for dogs (dogs that weigh more than 60 pounds will be charged an extra fee by the veterinarian).

While this program hopes to encourage the residents who fall under economic hardship to apply, there are no income qualifications to be met.


Individual pet owners must reside in Montgomery County, MD (Proof may be requested). Certificates must be used by pet owners. This event is not open to feral cats or other rescue groups at this time.

Dogs over 60 pounds will be charged an extra fee by the veterinarian. Larger dogs require additional medical personnel as well as more anesthesia than smaller dogs.


Process for the application of Spay Neuter:

  1. Fill out the application, making sure not to skip any sections or questions.
  2. Once the application has been completed, submit the application.
  3. Mail in your check for the spay/neuter certificate.
    1. Cat = $50.
    2. Dog = $100 (dogs over 60 lbs. will be charged an extra fee by the veterinarian).
    3. Send check to:
      AWLMC, P.O. Box 7041, Gaithersburg, MD 20898
  4. Once your check is received, the Spay/Neuter certificate is issued and emailed/mailed to you along with instructions for scheduling the surgery.
  5. You schedule the surgery with the vet practice listed on the certificate.
  6. Surgery is performed.
  7. Post-surgery survey is emailed to you.
  8. You complete the post-surgery survey.
  9. You and your pet enjoy your life together without the worry of unwanted litters!


  • Appointments must be scheduled by pet owners with the participating veterinarian on the certificate.
  • Owners must transport pet to and from the veterinary appointment in a cat carrier or on a dog leash.
  • The pet cannot have any food or drink 12 hours prior to surgery, vet clinic will discuss this when booking the appointment.
  • Owners must use the Certificate at a participating veterinarian within 60 days of issuance.
  • Pet may be rejected or rescheduled by the veterinarian if they deem the pet's health is insufficient to undertake surgery.


  • Certificate must be used at the participating veterinarian. Certificate only covers sterilization surgery. Dogs that weigh more than 60 pounds will be charged an additional fee by the veterinarian. Other costs may apply such as pain medications.
  • Instructions for pre-surgical care of pet will be provided by the participating veterinarian at the time appointment is made.
  • Cats must be transported to and from the participating veterinarian in a carrier. Dogs must be leashed.
  • A valid rabies certificate must be presented to participating veterinarian, or a rabies vaccination will be given for a nominal charge which must be paid at time the cat or dog is picked up.
  • No other unrelated veterinary procedures may be scheduled at the sterilization appointment.
  • Additional disclaimers may appear on the actual certificate.
  • Certificates are nonrefundable; therefore any payment made for a certificate which is later canceled would be a donation to our organization.