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Foster Program
Foster FAQs


The AWLMC foster program is responsible for coordinating the housing of cats and kittens in volunteers' homes until permanent adoptive homes can be found or they can be brought into the shelter. To ensure the health of the cats in our shelter, the AWLMC does not allow stray cats or cats from other shelters to be placed directly into our shelter. Our foster program provides temporary homes for these cats. In addition to taking cats directly from the public or other animal rescues, our foster program provides relief to AWLMC shelter cats who have demonstrated problems adapting to the shelter or need medication.

AWLMC Foster Program Coordinators

  • Screen potential foster homes
  • Obtain a signed foster agreement form from each foster parent
  • Provide training material to foster parents
  • Match foster homes with a cat or cats
  • Track and coordinates medical information for the cats
  • Provide support to the fosters as needed

AWLMC Foster Program Volunteers

  • Take the cats to approved vet partners for required veterinary appointments without any financial responsibility to the foster
  • Provide all needed veterinary home care
  • Socialize the cats
  • Provide for the daily care of the cats
  • Attend four adoptions per month with kittens
  • Provide food, litter, and other household supplies for which you can be reimbursed

Foster line at 301-740-2511